Alison Desir - Bumbleride Adventurer

Alison Desir - Mother, Endurance Athlete, Activist, Mental Health Advocate, Founder of: Harlem Run, Run 4 All Women, Global Womxn Run Collective, Meaning Through Movement and Co-Chair of the Running Industry Diversity Coalition.

Tina Muir - Bumbleride Adventurer

Tina Muir - Mother of two daughters, Wife, Podcaster, Founder of Running For Real, Climate Warrior and former Elite Runner.

Kristin Kearney- Bumbleride Adventurer

The Kearney Family - Triathlete w/a running passion, Mama to a busy boy and newborn girl. Happiest when outside. 4x Ironman + Kona!

January Newland - Bumbleride Adventurers

January Newland - Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor, Nutritionist, Owner of Wild Island Collective, Ocean Lover, Mama to Jack, 3 dogs and 2 chickens.

The Schallert's Bumbleride Adventurers

The Schallert's - Avid Travelers, he’s a Musician and Activist, she’s a Fitness Instructor and full time focused on raising five little adventurers. Together they are working toward peace, reconciliation and inspiring holistic wellness in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Bauer's Family Bumbleride Adventurers

The Bauer's - Affordable Housing Developer & Architectural / Industrial Photographer.

The Reynold's Family Bumbleride Adventurers- Dane & Courtney Reynolds

The Reynolds - Life with 8 chickens, 34 pigeons, 1 dove, 2 toddlers + a boy. Sewist and Professional Surfer.

Amber Wing Bumbleride Adventurer Profile

Amber Wing - Wife. Mother of 2 boys. Professional Wakeboarder. RYT 200 Yoga Enthusiast.

Nicole Dobransky Bumbleride Adventurer

Nicole Dobransky - Girl Mama to 3, Avid Runner & Beach Lover.

Kahi Pacarro Bumbleride Adventurer

The Pacarro's - Aloha Ambassadors, Improving our coastlines for future generations. Director at Parley for the Oceans Hawaii, Founder of Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii (Kahi) and Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendant (Louise).

Zach Plopper Bumbleride Adventurer

The Plopper's - Outdoors over indoors. Planes over automobiles. Spreading happiness & the message of conservation everywhere. Conservation Director at WILDCOAST (Zach) & Registered Nurse (Blair).

Chrissy Powers - Mother of boys. Wife to a surfer. Living in a surf shack we built by the sea.

Bree Hannemann Bumbleride Adventurer

Bree Hannemann - Lover all all things salty, sour, and savory. Professional Photographer.

Mona Jane Hannemann Running with Bumbleride Speed Stroller

Mona - Jane Hannemann - Mother, Wife, Fitness Addict, Nature Obsessor, Surfer, Ice-Cream Lover, Travel Thirsty Always, & Adventure Seeking Adrenaline Junkie.

Tristan Prettyman Maris - Singer Songwriter, Lover of Tacos, Surfer, Health Coach in Training/ Proud Wife/ Sassy Mama.

Elaina Bellis - Twin Mama & Freelance Art Director.

Katie Ferraro Fourtified Family

Katie & Charlie Ferraro - (Parents of Quadruplets), Dietitian Consultant (Katie) & Aviation Executive (Charlie).

Kimi Tsukayama - Surfer, ocean lover, photographer & Mama.

The Kalamas - Surfer, blogger, entrepreneurs, travel duo with 3 kids in tow. Couple behind Aloha Beach Club, Mom Club Co, The Local Hawaii & Hapa Holiday.

Jessica Mason - Traveller, hairstylist & make up artist, owner of The PaperDoll Salon & confidant.

Tessa Byars Bumbleride Adventurer

Tessa Byars - PR Manager, Mother, Environmentalist, Outdoor Adventurer, World Traveler and Gear Junkie.

Bri Dietz Bumbleride Adventurer

Bri Dietz - Wife & Mama, Clinical Nutritionist, San Diego Personal Trainer, Pre & Post Natal Exercise Specialist.

Francesco Perri - Ultra Runner & Child Packing Papa.

Nora Alexander - Awe-inspring Co-Creator behind Noon Design Shop & Mama to Penny.

Alison Vinciguerra - Always moving mother of two; Long-time runner; Corporate sales by day, Social media enthusiast by night; Blogger at

Maie Vaga - Mover, Shaker, Mama & Maker.

The Pastranas - Parents of 2, Professional Skateboarder, Freestyle Motocrosser & Subaru Rally Driver & Nitro Circus Tour athletes.

The Harteaus - Photographer & Fashion Designer / Camp Chef with 2 kids living life on the road.

Amelia Winslow - Nutritionist, Chef, Mom of 2 & Blogger behind

Shahla Atlas - Musician & American in Stockholm, Sweden.

Noel Woolfolk - Mother, Creative Director & Entrepreneur.

Graham Simon - Creative Director. Daddy. Lover of anything with wheels.