Tina Muir's Family Story

"I am a mother of two daughters, wife, podcaster, and founder of Running For Real, a support network and community for runners to have a place to share struggles and empower other runners. I love to run, and I am a former elite runner who competed for Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the World Half Marathon Championships. I am a climate warrior who is very passionate about sounding the alarm for the climate emergency."

Parenting Advice for New Parents:

"It is very easy to let this curated world we live in make you think you are not a good parent (or good at anything, really!), but remind yourself that we live in a world of highlight reels, where people are not sharing the truth most of the time. Try to hone in on your instinct, because you will know what is best for your baby, and your children will grow and develop in their own ways into their own strength. It is hard to do, but the more we can let them be themselves and grow how they feel is best, the better off everyone will be."

Can’t live without baby products:

I am a huge fan of the miracle blanket. I honestly believe a big part of the reason both my girls were good sleepers was because of that. I also love the Dock a tot, which helps them to feel comforted and calm.

What I love about Bumbleride:

"Speed is smooth and easy to use. I often find myself running my regular non-stroller running pace with the stroller, because it glides along the ground so easily. I love that I can easily switch the front wheel from locked to unlocked depending on what I need it for, and that there is a big storage pocket at the bottom so I could run errands while getting my run in."

"I never dreamed of a children’s travel products company putting environmental impact as one of the foundations of their business, and the fact Bumbleride does put this first, just makes my heart happy. But beyond that, there is a lot to love about it, it features 3 front wheel lock modes, including a 360 swivel, partial swivel, and locked. You can also tweak the alignment in the locked position if you ever needed it (running on a cambered road).

There is an extended sun canopy too, which is something I appreciated so much after using multiple strollers that did not have that….and complaining ensued. It is funny when I envisioned my future child and I taking a walk with a stroller, I thought about a blue sky, but forgot about the other part of a blue sky….the sun is out, and kids tend to not like the sun being on them! This extended canopy made it easy, even at sunrise, which was the worst time for sunlight beaming in a child’s eyes.

So yes, you could say I am happy with my IRONMAN stroller by Bumbleride, especially as it is the only all-terrain stroller I have used. I have to admit, I have not yet tried it on any kind of trails, but with all-wheel suspension, and the three settings for the wheel lock, I feel confident it could handle rougher terrain than any of the strollers I have used. It comes with a pump, which is really helpful for keeping in the mesh pocket underneath if I were to need it..." - Read Tina's Bumbleride stroller blogpost at https://tinamuir.com/bumbleride-stroller/

Tips for continuing training post-partum:

"Give yourself time. It really is hard to see media images of people who seem to have it all down, who look like they have never even had a baby just a few weeks later, and to feel like your body will never feel like your own again. The more respect and appreciation you have for your body and mind for what it has done and continues to do as you give up so much for your baby, the easier it will come back. Be kind to yourself."

Tune into Tina and her Running For Real podcast at https://tinamuir.com/ and on Instagram @tinamuir88.



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