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Amber Wing Bumbleride Adventurer

Born and based in Australia, Amber is a pioneer of Women’s Wakeboarding and the first female to land a 720, 900 and double flip. Winning 3 World Championships, 6 x US National Champion, 2 x US Masters Champion and many other titles over the past 15 years. Amber has recently founded the Foundation for Women’s Wake, an organization to give women of all ages and skill level opportunity in the sport.

Amber and Dean met through Wakeboarding. Dean holds a World Championship title, Asian X-Games Gold medal, Wake Games Champion, and has a free ride style like no other, producing many of the world’s best video sections. 

Amber and Dean have been a professional Wakeboarders traveling the world for the past 16 years. Their oldest son William is 3 and clocked 4 continents in the first 4 months of his life. Their new addition Jamison is 5 months old and about to embark on his first overseas trip. 

“As our professional careers wind down we continue to travel and seek adventures in order to grow and further develop the sport of Wakeboarding.“- Dean

June 2018 Amber is traveling to Orlando, to train in preparation for competing in the US Nationals in Monroe Washington at the end of July. With both boys in tow for 6 weeks, the boys will be living in the Indie twin through airports, theme parks and when it’s nap time at the contest site!

“ I love the amount of room the seat provides for boys to have a good sleep in both the Indie and Indie twin. Also the snack pack is essential for big days out at the competition site or theme parks.

I recently traveled with Jamison to the launch weekend for the Foundation For Women’s Wake and he slept perfectly each night in the Indie at 4 months old. When it’s laundry and outside play time for William, Jamison will have a lovely day sleep in the Indie. I love my Bumbleride, especially the single fold it’s so easy and it folds so flat fitting easily in the rental car with all our Wakeboard gear.” - Amber

Best parenting advice:

Exercise with your children. Both our boys love being out in the boat and our eldest loves being behind the boat like Mummy and Daddy. At 2, William started enjoying doing yoga with Mummy and Karate with his Poppy. 

I can’t live without baby product:

I don’t leave the house without my Baby bag back pack, baby carrier and Bumbleride stroller.  

Favorite pastime:

I love taking my boys for walks along the esplanade with my Bumbleride, and stopping to play at the parks and rock pools in Sydney. 

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