Mona Jane Hannemann's Family Story

Mona Jane Hannemann with Bumbleride Indie in Sea Glass with Mini Board Toddler Board
Mona-Jane Hannemann's Family Story

I was born and raised in NZ but ventured as a 17yr old high school drop out, to the big US of A, beginning in Hawaii then onto the mainland. I absolutely fell in love with this slice of paradise Hawaii, and later returned to pursue my dream of dancing at the Polynesian Cultural Center whilst getting my degree in Exercise Science. Now I am just the casual stay at home mum, who never really likes to stay at home haha. My husband Max is 1 of 7 boys, and has been in Hawaii since he was 12, growing up surfing with his brothers as his best friends. He now manages their family burger restaurants on the North Shore, ironically named “Seven Brothers” and is where I met him for the first time and then love had me settle here. So family and food play a huge role in his family, and now ours. We love to adventure, traveling as often as we can and enjoy staying active along the way. Some may say I am a fitness freak haha I don’t like going a day without breaking a sweat. Since coming to Hawaii I have grown a passionate love for surfing, and so a lot of our days are determined by the waves and the weather. You can usually find us in the ocean surfing & swimming; in the trees hiking and exploring; doing burpees in the back yard, or getting ice cream somewhere. I document parts of our lifestyle on my instagram and website - sharing my workouts, passions, adventures, travel and so on in the hopes to support, motivate, be inspired myself by all the awesome people out there, and perhaps inspire others to take advantage of the outdoors and nature to make health and an active lifestyle fun, enjoyable, and doable with children. I love the quote “life begins when you step outside your comfort zone”. So my ‘parenting advice’ would be that. Step outside your comfort zone, try new things, explore with your children and make memories! Also, invest in the lifestyle you want for yourself. Having a good stroller and baby carrier is a must for me! You are invincible with these! I love to run, and get out and about as often as I can and having a good stroller like the bumbleride Speed all terrain jogging stroller allows that freedom, needless to say the shade cover is amazing and the storage space is perfect for packing things to the beach, or bringing home groceries.

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Mona Jane with Elko in Bumbleride Indie All Terrain Stroller Running

Bumbleride Indie All Terrain Stroller on Running Path
Elko on Mini Board Toddler Board on Bumbleride Indie
Mona Jane Hannemann with Bumbleride Speed Running Stroller

Bumbleride Speed at Beach in Hawaii with Mona Jane