Bree Hannemann's Family Story

Bree Hannemann and Family

Bree Hannemann's Family Story

I prefer a nice cup of soup over a cupcake, and some hot tea over an ice cream. My husband on the other hand loves all things sweet and chocolatey, so we've come to an understanding of agree to disagree. I enjoy sleeping in, taking my time in the morning, and enjoying a nice long walk after my morning tea. I then like to spend my days in some kind of water, wether it be in the ocean, on a hike to a waterfall, or boating in a lake. Water is a very important tool in me and my husbands life, and we are making it a priority for our children. My kids are my pride and joy. I fear the day they grow up and they aren't in my home anymore; which is why I am trying to savor every moment. My husband is my rock, and saved me in more than one way and has truly made me a better person. I love him like a crazy girl.

I am a photographer, but I specialize in Children's photography. I feel more alive and free when capturing the innocence and purity of children. My passion of photography started long before children when my husband and I were traveling around the world through Thailand and Cambodia. A spark ignited and my husband encouraged me to take it full force. Thankfully for his persistence and faith in me, I made a career out it and have loved every minute. My husband is one of seven brothers, where most of us dwell in sunny North Shore of Oahu. Him and a couple of his other brothers own a family restaurant called Seven Brothers. We have two restaurants on Oahu, and my husband and I recently just moved to the mainland to open another Seven Brothers up in Utah. We are so excited to get this up and running all while traveling back and forth from here to Hawaii and other destinations that are on our LIST. 

One thing that excites us about the mainland is the ability to road trip! We have already been on a couple through Northern and Southern CA and it has been amazing. With the amount of traveling that we do, having a stroller is a life savor. Not only for when we get to our destination and explore, but while going through airports as well. With my Bumbleride Indie, I am able to pack both my kids in, and feel safe all while going through airports, busy cities, and mountainous or jungle terrain. I went with Bumbleride because of the amazing shade it provides, along with how light and easy it is to steer. As incredible as the functionality of the Indie is, I am just as amazed on how beautiful this stroller is. I get compliments everywhere I go along with people asking what brand it is. I would wish a bumbleride upon any momma out there. It is simply a dream stroller.

My parenting advice: Before you get upset at your kids, take a good look at them and realize; They are a wonderful person, and will do great things one day. Moments with are kids are too precious to get angry, SO DON'T.

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 Bree Hannemann with Bumbleride Indie Twin Double Stroller in Hawaii North Shore