Tessa Byar's Family Story

Tessa Byars Family

As a new mom, my commitment to the environment has become even stronger than ever before. I am always looking for gear that is well-made, easy-to-use, comfortable for me and my daughter, and is made with strong environmental standards. It was refreshing to discover Bumbleride and their thoughtfully designed, durable strollers that also use recycled materials. Truthfully, I get more excited about the “gear” than I do about the baby clothes and accessories and I love beautiful, well-made products. When I’m not working, I enjoy being active outdoors whether I’m at the beach, in the mountains or anywhere in between. We travel quite a bit (went on a month-long road trip with our two month old daughter) and our Bumbleride Flite lightweight travel stroller has become part of our “essentials kit” since it ’s so simple to bring it along and makes traveling so much easier.

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Bumbleride Indie Twin at the beach

Tessa Byars Surfing

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