Anne de la Parra's Family Story

Anne De La Parra 70.3 Cabos Winner IRONMAN

"My name is Anne and I was born and raised in Mexico City. I currently live in Houston, Texas and I love living here. I grew up with both of my parents runners and actually we were super famous around the block because they both used to run with double strollers (we are 4 sisters), and since then, for me a running stroller was a MUST since I knew I was pregnant for the first time. I am a triathlete and a Triathlon coach and I am a passionate about sports and healthy living. I also teach Pilates." 

Parenting Advice for New Parents:

Don't forget about your self!

Can’t live without baby products:

Can't live without my bumbleride! It saves my life all the time and I am able to workout wherever I go!

- Pacifier 
- My diaper bag
- White noise!! omg this is a MUST
- Music I use music all the time
- Baby toys

What I love about my Bumbleride:

I love it is easy to fold and unfold even carrying the baby. it is so easy to use while you run and I can carry water bottle and extra things in the bottom and I don't even notice it. 

Any recommendations for someone interested in their first IRONMAN?

Find a coach before you start! it is always better to have someone guide you during the process!

Enjoy the journey ALWAYS!

Follow Anne's journey on Instagram @thestoryofanirongirl.

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Anne De La Parra IRONMAN Finisher

Anne De La Parra running with Bumbleride Speed jogging stroller
Bumbleride Speed with Bassinet
Anne De La Parra at beach with her Bumbleride Speed
Anne De La Parra Triathlete and Bumbleride AdventurerAnne De La Parra Bumbleride Adventurer