The Kearney Family Story

Kristin Kearney Bumbleride Adventurer with Speed jogging stroller and Cold Weather Footmuff

We live just outside of Boston and we love spending our weekends in New Hampshire, exploring mountains and trails! Our day jobs consist of Kristin working in Biotech and dad Brian works for the Government. When we aren’t working, we are spending as much time as possible outdoors! We love going for runs with our bumbleride speed, whether it be on hilly back country roads or our neighborhood sidewalks.  Our son Conor is two years old and we are expecting a daughter in late October 2019.  Conor has already shown us that he loves running – both while sitting in the stroller and on foot! He even asks us to go for “buggy rides” which he calls them and has been known to take a nap or two on a stroller run.

Kristin Kearney - Bumbleride Adventurer - Speed Jogging Stroller

Before Conor was born, Kristin was an accomplished Ironman triathlete, often finishing at the top of her age group.  She has completed 4 Ironmans, including qualifying for the Ironman World Championship in Kona and racing there in 2015.  She has also ran the Boston Marathon 3 times as well as the Chicago Marathon.  In her first year of racing postpartum in 2018 Kristin completed a few half Ironman triathlons and was close to her personal best times!  She looks forward to getting back to racing again after baby #2!  Brian also has a love for triathlons and has competed in several half Ironman distance races, finishing at the top of his age group. The two of us met on a bike ride and the rest is history!


Kristin Kearney Bumbleride Adventurer Speed Stroller

Our Parenting Advice:

“Everything is temporary”. This is something I heard early on and it has helped us (especially me as the mom) in a lot of ways. For example, when times get difficult (i.e. newborn sleep deprivation, toddler tantrums or other life chaos) I like to remind myself that this time is only temporary. Our children will never be this young again and we will not get this time back. It helps to keep me grounded and present in moments that can seem “never ending” or frustrating. Being present is so important as parents. We can easily get wrapped up in worrying about the “what’s next?” that we forget about the “what’s now.” I really work hard to be present but it’s not easy!


Can’t live without baby products:

  • Ergobaby 360 carrier for airport travel and errands
  • Seventh Generation baby wipes – for everything practically
  • Parker Baby Diaper Caddy – for nursery organization


Bumbleride Speed

I cannot begin to say enough about our Speed jogging stroller! From early postpartum walks with Conor to running 10+ miles pushing him on training runs, this stroller has been amazing for us.  We also love using it for Conor when we take turns racing triathlons. It’s very comfortable for him to take a nap when we are racing or to hang out and watch mommy and daddy compete. We especially love the shade coverage and Conor really loves the window now and has a lot of fun peaking at us! We look forward to using our Indie Double when baby girl arrives!

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Bumbleride Speed in Camp Green - The Kearney Family