Aida Garcia-Toledo's Family Story

Aida Garcia Toledo with Bumbleride Era Non Toxic Baby Stroller PFAS Free

"Hi There I'm Aida. I created 3 Little Plums (formally Non-Toxic Munchkin) to make non-toxic living simpler and less overwhelming. For over a decade, with my philosophy of small steps = big impact, I have been empowering and teaching families to take small steps to reduce toxin exposure, helping them create a balanced, non-toxic, healthy home." 

Parenting Advice for New Parents:

"Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Its easy to get caught up in all things baby: feeding, naps, bathing, etc. but its just as important for the baby and you to make sure you are taking car of yourself. Whether its a quick walk , a bath, a jog or some time out- set some time for yourself and ask for help to make it happen! " 

Can’t Live Without Baby Products:

"‘Lewis is home’ organic swaddles- Our baby slept so much better when properly swaddled and these organic swaddles are the perfect size and thickness ( and their prints are so pretty too).

Baby carrier - We have used ours almost daily!  There are so many benefits to baby wearing and keeping baby close - but it also gives mama (or whomever is carrying baby) a break freeing up their hands. I use the carrier around the house, on walks/ hikes and of course when out and about ( school activities, sibling playdates, farmers market etc). During the first few weeks I used a wrap and then switched between an Ergo Baby and Artipoppe carrier"


What I Love About My Bumbleride:

"I love that I know its a non-toxic environment for my baby. I love that its made of materials that are safe for baby and good for the planet. I love how easy it is to open and close and how comfortable it is for baby." 

Which 3 Product Categories Should Parents Be Most Selective of in Regard to Chemical Safety for Baby Gear and Why?

"Parents should focus on those items that your baby uses the most. This might be different for every baby depending on your family’s routine, but generally speaking it’s safe to say that the three gear categories that most parents should be more selective with are (I would also add anything that is used on your baby’s body like a bath soap if you use or diaper cream):

1.      Mattress: Babies sleep a lot and so their crib is the most important investment you can make- make sure their sleep environment is non-toxic and not exposing them to harmful chemicals. When choosing a non-toxic mattress want to make sure your baby’s mattress is free from: flame retardant chemicals, pvc, PFAS chemicals used in water proofing and polyurethane foam.

2.      Car seat: Again you want to make sure your baby’s car seat is flame retardant chemical free and PFAS chemicals free.

3.      Strollers: Avoid flame retardants, PFAS and PVC."

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