Bri Dietz's Family Story

Bri Dietz Jogging Stroller Bumbleride Speed

Bri Dietz's Family Story

I grew up in the Bay Area but after living in San Diego for the last 8 years, Southern California has my heart and will forever feel like home. After meeting my husband in college, getting married at 22 and moving down to San Diego I started a personal training and nutrition business. I love all things wellness, but am most grateful that my job allows me to get some beach time in daily and spend lots of time with my baby (soon to be babies) and husband!

Living an active lifestyle helps me feel balanced and is a priority for me daily. My Bumbleride Speed stroller is versatile, functional, stylish and perfect for my active lifestyle! I look forward to many more San Diego and world adventures with my family and my bumbleride. 

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Bri at Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, CA.
Yoga with the little one, Bri Dietz
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