The Schallert's Family Story

The Schallert Family - Bumbleride Adventurers

Avid travelers, he’s a musician and activist, she’s a fitness instructor and full time focused on raising five little adventurers. Together they are working toward peace, reconciliation and inspiring holistic wellness in Cape Town, South Africa.

My best parenting advice: Be yourself. Your child needs the unique quirks and giftings that you bring to your family.

I can’t live without: Stretchy swaddles, a cozy sheepskin and of course, my Bumbleride and toddler board. 

The Indie and bassinet was the first stroller we purchased when I was pregnant with our eldest 8 years ago. At the time we lived in Hawaii and logged thousands of miles walking up and down lava rock roads with that stroller! All five of our babies have slept in the bassinet and I love being able to use it without the stroller as well. When our family grew we invested in the Indie Twin. It is such a smooth ride and often the only way I could get two kids to nap at the same time. Our family kept growing and now we find it most useful to use the Indie and toddler board. Whether we are grocery shopping, walking on city streets, exploring new beaches or hiking- the Indie always helps us get where we are going. 

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 Schallert Family
Schallert Family Color Run with Bumbleride Indie and Mini Board

Forest Walk

Diane Schallert- Avid Travelers Bumbleride Adventurers