Pish Posh Baby Blog - Bumbleride's 2013 Collection!


Bumbleride is on a roll creating their trademark strollers in the most fashionable colors! The new Bumbleride Indie 2013 Papyrus is a beautiful new green and blue combination, taking over the Seagrass. The Indie 2013 Aqua color has been “re-shaded” in a different color for practicality, and the  2013 Cayenneis  a new red color that we were pumped to see:) The Indie Jet 2013 is now all black and there is now a Lotus Blue and Lotus Pink color. All new colors will come in the Bumbleride Indie Double 2013 as well.
They’ve taken away the Movement Edition fabrics and now all fabrics on the strollers are the Natural Edition fabric which is more ECO-friendly. The Bumbleride Indie 2013 will include the bumper bar and car seat adapter – two accessories that were taken off for 2012. The Black Indie now has a new all-black look to it – following the latest trend in strollers.  The harness has been improved for better safety. The Bumbleride Indie 2013 frame is now stronger and more suitable for jogging. The footwell has been expanded and the footrest is easier to adjust. They’ve added a mesh peek-a-boo window and a new jogging strap. And two brand new fabric patterns for all Bumbleride Strollers is the Lotus Blue and Lotus Pink – we can’t wait to show you pictures of that one! And our favorite new addition? The Bumbleride Toddler Board set to come out in 2013! Now your big child won’t be left out, and family walks will be a breeze:) They will be introducing the Bumbleride Flite Carrycot, as well.

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