Kirby Bumpus Shares Her Tried-and-True Mom Gift Guide

Kirby Bumpus Shares Her Tried-and-True Mom Gift Guide

When moms come across items that genuinely improve day-to-day life, whether it’s matching family outfits or goods from a quality brand that contributes to a cause, it’s hard not to share. It’s in that spirit that Kirby curated a list of her favorite finds for all the mamas out there. “These products are some of the things I love and I hope the mother in your life will, too, ” she says.

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Oprah with Kirby Bumpus's son Luca in Olive Speed


“My husband, Virgil, uses the Bumbleride's Speed-Jogging stroller for runs with Luca. On a visit last year to Auntie O’s garden, we learned that it’s also great for bumpy terrains like mulch, grass, and hills! This company was started by a husband-and-wife duo (and parents) who wanted to create gear that had sustainability in mind and could keep up with their active lifestyle.”

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