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Bumbleride and Clek Travel System Double Stroller

[“We make gear for you to get out and do what you love while doing our best to preserve the planet we all share.” -Bumbleride

“Doing the right thing for our customers, our community and our planet.” -Clek

These mission statements are clear indicators of who we are and what we value. We take our partnerships at Bumbleride extremely seriously. When an opportunity arises to align with another brand, the process is simple. They must share seamlessly in our Bumbleride mission of doing good for our people and our planet. Not only is Clek passionate about clean materials and non-toxic fabrics, but, as a small, family-owned business like us, they care deeply about protecting little ones with not only the strictest safety standards but also being industry thought-leaders in environmental sustainability.

Bumbleride founders Matt and Emily and Clek founders Chris and Jen, started these brands under the same circumstances. When becoming parents themselves, they saw a void in the industry. They couldn’t find a {stroller or car seat} that met all their needs of a well-made, safe, convenient, and stylish product. So, they made their own. And both have continued to grow and evolve over the years, while staying true to their original mission.

Bringing together 2 of the best products only made sense.

The Bumbleride and Clek collaboration brings a safe and non-toxic infant car seat and travel system to the market. Rest assured, your little one will be safe on the go.]

RSVP to the Bumbleride x Clek Takeover events at Aldea Home & Baby in San Francisco on 9/17 and Los Angeles on 9/23 for one night only discount offers and meet both brand's staff for one-on-one product demos.

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