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Bumbleride Indie All Terrain Stroller

Bumbleride Indie

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Reviewed: 18 April 2013 by Claire Lavelle
Robust, big pneumatic wheels, great suspension, lightweight design, carry cot doubles up as bassinet
Wide wheels take a little to to adjust too, opaque rain cover, no padded lining in carry cot

New to the UK from the US, the Bumbleride is the perfect town-to-country buggy - truly all-terrain. It's robust enough, with its big pneumatic wheels and great suspension, to handle woods and parkland in even the wettest and muddiest of conditions. It's still light enough to use on public transport, though - even negotiating the London Tube, escalators and all, can be done! It's not the smallest buggy (it looks and feels rather long when in carry cot mode - when front-facing, it's much neater), but it's just as nippy and brilliantly manoeuvrable as smaller models thanks to the swivel function of the front wheel. It's also really easy to steer one-handed - useful, if, like me, you have a dog on a lead in the other hand, or just like to sip a cup of coffee while you stroll.

The sturdy suspension means the baby stays asleep even when I run with the buggy, and a really roomy basket underneath makes supermarket trips a cinch. A comfy handle and easy fold-down mechanism make this really practical, and the carry cot clicks on and off easily in one simple move. I don't use this in front-facing mode yet, as my baby is only 12 weeks, but sturdy straps will make this a secure ride when the time comes, and there are various recline options for optimum comfort. A big hood protects from the elements. Folds down neatly to store in the hallway - I have a small flat and it works perfectly.

What we love The carry cot doubles up as a bassinet that the baby sleeps in when we're at the grandparents.  

What to watch out for  It's easy to misjudge the width of the back wheels - it takes a while to get used to how wide they are. Rain cover is opaque rather than clear, which makes it hard to see the baby when in carry cot function - also not a very secure fit when it's very windy. No padded lining in the carry cot - I put a sheepskin in and it's really snug that way, but a bit barren without... The chassis and carry cot mean this is a bit of a beast to get in the car - I have a WV Polo and the chassis just about fits in the back, but the carry cot has to go on the back seat. Bear in mind if you have a big family / dog etc - you can't squeeze too much else in there!   

MadeForMums verdict  Perfect for what I need - I tend to walk more than drive, so space in the car not too much of an issue, and I love how robust this model is. It's great to feel that my baby is so safe. Really like the easy collapse function and the one-handed 'pop up'. Looks sleek and elegant. Love how zippy and manoeuvrable this is - and everyone who's used it (husband, mum, mum-in-law) has said the same.

Score breakdown  
Ease of folding/unfolding: 4.5
Ease of pushing and steering: 4.5
Comfort for baby: 4.5
Style: 4.5
Robustness/Durability: 4.5
Value for money: 4.5

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