Because Health - The Essential Non-Toxic Baby Registry List

Because Health Non-Toxic Baby Registry Essentials

"First off, congratulations! Having a little one on the way is so exciting. If you're like us, one of the first questions you had once you found out you were expecting was "what do I need to get before the baby arrives?!" A quick google search can result in thousands of product recommendations, hours of stressful research, and an overwhelming sense of unpreparedness.

But shake off all those stressful feelings because we're here to help! We know everyone wants their babies to come home to a safe and healthy environment, so we created the ultimate checklist for non-toxic baby products. Our guide has everything you need- whether you're shopping for yourself, curating a baby registry, or buying items for a friend or family member.

Why Non Toxic?

So, what does "non toxic" mean and why is it important when it comes to products for your little one? We're glad you asked. New chemicals are constantly being created and added to consumer products. Unfortunately, many of these chemicals are not well studied and oftentimes have unintended health impacts like cancer, hormone disruption, and developmental issues. Even though you'd think there would be extra safety regulations in place for baby products, many of these items still contain ingredients and materials that can irritate and impact a baby's sensitive body. Chemicals that cause hormone disruption are also especially bad for babies, since the first few years of life are such a critical time for development.

During our research, we carefully looked at the ingredient or material list for each product. If we were ever unsure about a product or ingredient, we reached out to the manufacturers directly to ask questions. In order to make our registry, recommendations can't contain harmful chemicals that are common in many popular products. Chemicals and materials we avoid because of their known negative health impacts include chemical flame retardants, synthetic fragrances, PVC (phthalates), PFAS (like Teflon), pesticides, heavy metals (like lead), bisphenols like BPA, unnecessary plastic waste and microplastics."


"Whether you're going for a leisurely walk with your little one or out running errands, a good stroller is key. We looked for strollers that are free of flame retardants, phthalates, and PFAS. Many strollers are coated in PFAS like chemicals (Teflon) for their stain resistant and easy to clean properties, but generally though time these coatings wear off. Plus the fabrics used in strollers are generally easy to clean even without the chemical treatment. So we really don't think PFAS chemicals are necessary or safe to have around babies."

"$ $ $ Bumbleride Indie- An All terrain stroller that is a must if your walks take you on gravel or dirt paths. Bumbleride has the best environmental and health criteria of all stroller companies. Their strollers are free of PFAS chemicals, made with recycled plastics (even some ocean plastic!), and all fabrics are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 tested.

$ $ $ Bumbleride Era- A compact urban stroller from a company with impeccable environmental and health criteria. It has a reversible seat, which is great for infants, and a long seat, which is great for toddlers! Free of PFAS chemicals, made with recycled plastics (including some ocean plastic!), and all fabrics are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 tested." - Because Health

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