2017 Indie Twin Double Stroller Review - Tales Of A Mountain Mama

"The updated for 2016 Bumbleride Indie Twin Double All Terrain Stroller is a stroller not to ignore! While I loved our single Bumbleride, there were some great updates made for 2016/17 that made me appreciate it even more. The Indie series is made for parents looking for a great stroller that is easy to push, lightweight, folds relatively small, protects their child and is eco-conscious. While we do use it running, smaller wheels make it not ideal for super long distances. Though for the average runner going up to 5 miles at a time, it’s great!

A quick list of why Bumbleride Strollers stand out:

-Lightweight (36 lb.) with a 90 lb. weight limit -Adjustable seats let children lay completely flat -The best sun shade -Great for light running (~1 – 5 miles) -Locking swivel wheel -Eco-conscious

What we love about the updated Indie Twin:

-Seats lay completely flat for napping and young babies -The mechanism for adjusting the seats was greatly improved this year allowing it to be a fully one-handed operation -Sunshades are THE best I have seen with full coverage and then an added pop-out extension -On the Twin, the seats recline separately -Locking front swivel wheels (dual) -Adjustable handlebar (SUPER adjustable – it goes low enough for the 3 year old to push!) and footrests 

What we would love to see improved:

-While Bumbleride does make a stroller model more equipped for running (SPEED), it does not come in a double model. I would love to see the Indie have slightly larger wheels. -Bumbleride strollers are certainly not cheap, but they ARE worth the money if you’re looking for a fantastic eco-conscious stroller!

The Bottom Line

Bottom line? I love this stroller and think the improvements made for 2016/2017 made all the difference from the previous model (which I also loved, but had some quirks). It's my go-to for a double and works for just about every condition (except long distance running).

Highly recommended by us!"

Read the whole review and check out more of Amelia's photos here.

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