The She.Is.Beautiful Run: A Day in the Life of Sisters + Mom + Race Directors

The She.Is.Beautiful Run: A Day in the Life of Sisters + Mom + Race Directors

The She Is Beautiful Race is something we look forward to every year at Bumbleride. We've been sponsoring this race now for 7+ years, which happens two times a year. On the cliffs of Santa Cruz, CA in March and along the coast of Santa Barbara, CA every September. The most picturesque spots for a race we could imagine and working closely with sisters and race founders, Sara and Melissa, is such a treat. They are the most inspiring and supportive gals and we love working closely with them throughout the year as we sponsor the Bumbleride Baby Mama division. We've asked them to give us a little insight into a "Day in their Life."

A Day in the Life of Melissa McConville and Sara Tanza

Founders of She.Is.Beautiful 5k and 10k, Sisters and Mothers

Setting the scene:  She.Is.Beautiful 5k and 10k’s race will be taking place in Santa Cruz in 3 weeks, so Melissa and Sara are in PEAK race preparation mode.  It is the 13th annual event and will welcome 5,000 people, including people participating with strollers in the Bumbleride Baby Mama Division (the race also takes place in Santa Barbara, CA in September).  Sara has a 4.5 and 7 year old.  Melissa has a 1.5, 6 and 8 year old.  

4:35am:  Sara’s first alarm goes off and she ignores it

4:50am:  Sara’s second alarm goes off.  Gets up, has coffee/toast and snuggles under too many blankets.  Melissa texts Sara that she was up with kids too much through the night and needs to sleep a bit more before running 

5:45am:  Sara meets friends for a headlamp-lit run along the coast in Santa Cruz

6:15am:  Melissa wakes up.  Makes coffee and checks a few emails

7am:  Melissa is out the door with 1.5 year old Freddie riding in her Bumbleride Speed while her husband takes the older kids to school

7am:  Sara comes home high on endorphins, but those go out the window when her oldest wakes up with a cold.  She goes into stress mode figuring out if he REALLY needs to miss school (spoiler alert: he does and her husband can’t work from home today)

**Both have breakfast (usually eggs and toast for both, Fried for Sara and Scrambled for Melissa), body showers and dry shampoo and take remaining kids to school**

9am:  Melissa and Sara meet on the ocean front road where the race will take place to run through final logistics for signage placement, portable toilets, vendor layout and more.  Take photos and video to share the beautiful day!  Sara’s son stays cozy in the car with warm drinks and books on tape…it helps to have this happen with an older kid who can easily entertain themselves!

10am:  Melissa and Sara check in with a few local vendors in person and shoot photos/video sharing all the cool items participants will get with their race entries like lattes, artisanal ice cream, fresh baked cookies and bottles of sparkling cider!  Picked up lattes for themselves as well…obviously

10:30-1pm:  Melissa and Sara meet with other vendors via ZOOM, place final orders for equipment, finalize plans for volunteers, check in with city officials, place final merchandise orders and go through race day plans to make sure nothing is forgotten

1pm-5pm:  Pick up kids from school and go to respective homes for afterschool activities (lunch, books, legos, backyard playtime, naps for some, baseball practice).  Melissa and Sara steal moments between for more emails and phone calls.  Many times they meet up with their kids to play in our local redwood forests or on the beautiful beaches if there aren’t any sports that day…their kids are best friends (and fight like siblings too)!  During those hikes and playdates they are usually going between normal and work conversations…sometimes the best ideas for She.Is.Beautiful come during sandcastle building with our families!

5pm:  Melissa and Sara are usually back at their respective homes for baths and a show/movie for kids while dinner is being made (that someone inevitably will refuse to eat at least some part of, obviously)!

6:30-8pm:  Homework, reading, bedtime routines.  Melissa and Sara try not to fall asleep as they cuddle with their younger kids in bed.

8pm:  Dishes, house clean up, computer work that they didn’t get to that day, time with their husbands and hopefully a good show (Melissa just finished White Lotus and Sara is almost done with The Crown).

9:30pm:  In bed!  Melissa is famous for being able to fall asleep in minutes.  Sara loves reading before bed.  Both cross their fingers no one wakes them up throughout the night!!


Thank you for reading. We love you Sara and Melissa. And know that this image captures them perfectly. Looking ahead, as always, with optimism and love in their hearts (and strollers).

Looking forward to seeing you March 18th in Santa Cruz, CA!!

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