How To Travel By Plane With Your Bumbleride

Yadin Nicole traveling with his Bumbleride Indie  

How To Travel By Plane With Your Bumbleride

Read these great tips from Bumbleride owners on how to travel by plane with your Indie, Indie Twin, Indie 4 and Flite stroller. We’ve included a few of the most popular airlines’ stroller policies to help prepare you for your trip. Bon, voyage!
    • Since you are going to need to fold your stroller at some point to get on the plane, bring an extra empty tote or bag to hold your cargo basket and other goodies.
    • Label your stroller with name and contact information. There are usually tags at the gate or check-in if you need one.
    • Buy a stroller travel bag to protect your stroller or at least bring a trash bag to help protect the fabric while it’s loaded and unloaded.
    • "A travel bag is awesome if you plan on checking the stroller. If you use a bag at the gate you will have to either carry the stroller in the bag or carry the empty bag..." - Kendra R.
  • Consider taking a quick photo of your stroller with your cell phone or another camera before you travel in case it’s damaged upon receipt. If damaged upon receipt, take a photo asap. Most airlines do not cover damage but it can’t hurt to ask to be reimbursed. We have seen airlines pay for replacement parts, frames, and entire strollers.
  • What I’ve found is it depends more on the ticket/gate agent and the airport than the airline. It also has to do with the type of plane you are traveling on. I always use my Indie bag no matter what. A stroller that hits the air every couple of weeks needs all the help it can get.
  • "Gate check. But make sure you ask for a plastic bag at the gate to throw on the stroller before they put it under the plane. My husband works for Boeing and he says the stuff they use in the luggage areas is really bad for you. You wouldn’t want any chemicals rubbing off onto your stroller. They have free giant plastic bags that they can put over car seats and strollers." - Sara B.
  • "If your Indie is close to a 20 lb limit then remove the canopy or any other pieces you don’t need and put them in your luggage. The bag shouldn’t count against your weight but I would make sure it says it’s a stroller or they might take it to baggage claim thinking it’s just a piece of regular luggage." -Melissa J.
Have any recommendations to add? Share via comment and help other parents! Airline Policies Southwest
  • Customers traveling with children will be allowed to check one stroller and one Child Restraint System (CRS) or car seat per child without charge. This is in addition to the regular free baggage allowance.
  • The stroller and CRS or car seat allowance applies to any type of stroller (umbrella, full size, jogging stroller, etc.) and CRS or car seat.
  • The Customer may check the stroller and CRS or car seat at the curb, ticket counter, or gate.
  • Southwest Airlines will not assume liability for damage to strollers, CRSs, or car seats. (An optional Southwest-branded reusable car seat/stroller bag is available for purchase at any Southwest Airlines ticket counter for a $15 one time fee.)
American Airlines
  • Strollers that are large, non-collapsible weigh 20 lbs. (9kgs) or more must be checked at the ticket counter.
  • Umbrella Strollers- AA highly recommends using this type of stroller. May be taken onboard the aircraft as long as it fits in the overhead bin .Exempt from carry-on allowance and baggage charges. May be checked at the gate.
  • Fully Collapsible Stroller Weighing Less Than 20 lbs.- May be checked at the ticket counter. May be checked at the gate. May not be carried on the aircraft. Exempt from baggage charges.
  • Large Stroller Jogging, Non-Collapsible Stroller or Heavy Stroller Weighing Over 20 lbs.- Strongly discouraged to avoid damage. Facilities were not designed to accommodate these types of strollers. Must be checked at the ticket counter. May not be carried on the aircraft or checked at the gate. Exempt from baggage charges when accompanying a child or infant who is traveling.
  • American is not responsible for damage to any stroller not properly packed in original packaging.
U.S. Airways
  • You can check a stroller or car seat at the ticket counter or gate for no charge.
United Airlines
  • Strollers may be checked to your final destination without a fee, in addition to your normal baggage allowance. Children can be transported in their strollers throughout the airport. However, strollers must be checked at the gate.
  • No strollers of any size are permitted as carry-on baggage. Your child’s stroller will be delivered to you at the aircraft door upon request at your connecting city or destination. Large, non-collapsible strollers cannot be checked at the gate. Please see a United representative at the airport check-in counter to check your large, non-collapsible stroller.
  • United is not responsible for damage that occurs to strollers that are not packed in a box and checked at the check-in counter.
Delta Airlines
  • Children’s strollers and seat restraints are not counted as part of the standard baggage and therefore can easily be checked for free. For your convenience, these items may be checked at the curbside, the ticket counter, or at the gate.
Jet Blue
  • If possible, strollers should be folded down. If it doesn’t fit through the x-ray machine, the TSA officers will find other ways to screen it.
  • Note: Please be aware that strollers are not covered for damage if checked. JetBlue assumes no liability for loss, damage, or delay per the Contract of Carriage Section 19.
Alaska Airlines
  • When traveling with infants and/or children, their strollers and car seats may be checked without charge.
  • An adult traveling with a lap infant may check the infant's child restraint seat, baby carrier backpack, and/or stroller free of charge in addition to the regular baggage allowance. These items may be checked at the gate using a claim-at-gate tag if preferred.
Virgin America
  • We do not allow strollers in the cabin of the aircraft. Strollers may be checked planeside at the boarding gate for no additional charge.  We will do our best to keep your stroller damage-free however, Virgin America will not assume the liability of responsibility for fragile or unsuitably packaged items such as strollers.  For a complete list of items excluded from Virgin America’s liability, please see our Contract of Carriage – Baggage Liability.
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