Bumbleride x Posh Baby

Bumbleride Era in Matte Black

Bumbleride strollers have been rolling through Portland, Oregon over the last 10+ years thanks to Posh Baby, located right downtown by the kid-friendly Jamison Square Park. Posh Baby has even labeled Bumbleride as the Pacific Northwest stroller. A true testament to our longstanding partnership. Fun facts: Bumbleride was the first stroller brand they ever brought into their store 10+ years ago and it’s the #1 stroller choice for all expecting employees. 😊

We are joining forces throughout the month of July to bring you all the information on a best-selling stroller for Posh, Era.

Era is a 4-wheel reversible seat stroller made with eco fabrics and a unique handlebar made from sustainable cork. Yes, that same cork you see on fishing/trekking poles or Birkenstock sandals. Not only durable and anti-microbial, it’s 100% sustainable and renewable. Naturally waterproof. Non-toxic, easy to clean with an ergonomic grip. Need we say more?

We talked to Natalie and Lacy from Posh Baby and here’s what they have to say:

There have been many transitions in materials used on stroller handles; some for fashion statements others to improve ergonomics and comfort. From foam to leatherette to rubber and now cork.

How have your customers received this unique and sustainable material on the Bumbleride Era handle? Any specific feedback?

"Most of our customers are initially curious and sometimes hesitant about the handlebar material but really interested when we compare it to Birkenstock materials, so they have a better understanding of how it lasts in the weather. That feature definitely appeals to the PNW market and offers something unique that no other stroller has."

Why do your employees call Bumbleride the PNW stroller?

"Era’s cork handle is just one piece of what truly makes this a PNW stroller! Bumbleride's commitment to the environment is exactly the kind of thing our customers are looking for in companies they support. For many, it is not just a bonus, but a priority when choosing products for their baby.

Part of what people love about the PNW is the fact that it offers you a little bit of everything. You can live the city life, but also be in the mountains or on the beach within just a couple of hours. The PNW is known for residents with active lifestyles and Bumbleride caters to all of those things wonderfully. Bumbleride can be explained in the same way - you have a travel system and compact fold for easy trips in and out of stores or the mall, but you also have air-filled tires and great suspension to be able to take your stroller practically anywhere. Many of our customers choose Bumbleride after exploring all their options because they can get so many different uses out of one stroller. PNW living often means minimalist and avoiding waste so having one stroller that can do so many things is perfect. It's the Subaru of strollers."

What are your favorite features of Era?

"It is hard to pick a favorite feature! The seat flip and the wheels are mentioned often. Because many of Era's competitors have the seat flip, the wheels are what sets it apart and can be a deciding factor for some families. We hear great feedback on the rotating handlebar where most are telescoping. The compact fold is also very impressive for such a robust stroller."

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Thank you for reading! If you’re in the Portland, OR area, you can stop into Posh Baby for a test drive, or to check out their incredibly curated store.


Bumbleride Era at Posh Baby

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