Eco Fabric - Made From Recycled Water Bottles

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Here’s a little bit more about Bumbleride rPET fabrics and the rPET process broken down for you:


  • Did you know that every plastic molecule produced in the last 100+ years is still in the environment? Estimates suggest that PET or petroleum-based oxo-biodegradable plastics take 450+ years to decompose in landfills because they lack the required UV light to break down.

  • The plastic pollution crisis is real. We work with our factory and suppliers to make only products we really need and strive to reduce the amount of plastic packaging and use of raw/virgin materials.
  • Using rPET saves energy and produces fewer emissions. The process can use anywhere from 33-53% less energy making recycled polyester than virgin polyester.
  • RPET diverts millions of plastic bottles from landfills and turns into new things, like all of our Bumbleride stroller fabrics.


Most people believe that plastics can be infinitely recycled into the same plastics which they continually put into their blue container to be collected. This is not true. Recycling plastic is not a closed loop. None of the soda and milk bottles which are collected from your curbside are used to make new soda or milk bottles. Each time the plastic is heated it degenerates, so the subsequent iteration of the polymer is degraded and can’t meet food quality standards for soda and milk bottles. The plastic must be used to make lower quality products.


Here is an example of the lifecycle of a plastic bottle:

-Virgin plastic bottle.

-After recycled, can be made into soda or milk bottle.

-Then collected again and recycled into resin.

-Which can be made into toys, carpet, fillers or fibers such as Bumbleride fabrics (Note: they cannot be made into NEW soda or milk bottles).

-This can then be recycled a second time into park benches, carpet, speed bumps, or other low value products.

-This cycle is done when the plastic is no longer stable enough to be used for any product, so it is sent. to the landfill.

-At the landfill, it is incinerated or stays there holding space for many, many years.


We have now been using recycled PET for a decade at Bumbleride. Millions of plastic bottles have been recycled into Bumbleride fabrics. Being eco is not a trend. We are constantly evolving and testing new materials. We continue to research new materials that maintain our high standards for performance, while reducing our impact on the environment.


Thank you for following along.


Recycled Water Bottle Icon with 100% RPET Fabrics

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