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Like Bumbleride, Magic Beans is also a family-owned business founded in 2004, but based on the east coast with 2 stores in Boston, MA and a thriving online shop that is open 24/7. When the idea of Magic Beans was envisioned, Eli and Sheri (husband and wife team) imagined a one-stop shop for parents with a balance of fresh and new products balanced with the tried and true. Nearly two decades later, this remains their vision.

We talked to Eli and asked him to share a bit of the insider scoop and thought we’d share.

Magic Beans is a one-stop-shop for all baby essentials both in Boston and a huge online presence for those not local. Please tell us a little bit about how you got started and what keeps you motivated?


We got started because we repeatedly noticed a need that wasn’t getting met. There weren’t any really great places to go to shop for baby essentials in New England. Not just in terms of selection, either. Finding knowledgeable people who could offer helpful advice or ask important, thoughtful questions seemed pretty much impossible. There’s so much that’s unclear about what expectant parents do or don’t need in terms of baby gear, and back then there were so few resources to help navigate that whole scene. That same need hasn’t gone away by any means, but now we’re meeting it. We got started in Brookline, MA in 2004 and what keeps us motivated is knowing how many people we’ve been able to help, both locally in our stores and online via our social media and YouTube presence. I love what I do, and I know we’re just getting started.


What first intrigued you about Bumbleride and our strollers?


We have been selling Bumbleride from the beginning - I remember displaying the Bumbleride Queen B stroller in the window of our very first store like it was yesterday. Bumbleride shares many of our values, like a commitment to the environment and being owned by parents, so it was a naturally good match right from the start!  Bumbleride:

Why air filled tires? (Hint: all Bumbleride models have them, and you can shop each of them here: IndieIndie TwinSpeed, and Era.

When I’m helping families figure out which stroller is right for them, I rank performance very high. Ultimately you want the child to ride comfortably, and you want the act of pushing the stroller to be just as comfortable. I genuinely believe that air filled tires give you the best performance on the most varied terrain. That’s another reason Bumbleride stands out to me. I wish more strollers opted to use air-filled tires! 

Thank you, Eli and Magic Beans. Shop ALL Bumbleride products offered at Magic Beans.


Bumbleride Speed in Matte Black
Bumbleride Indie Twin
Bumbleride Indie in Matte Black
Bumbleride Era in Dawn Grey

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