Air Tire/Wheel Maintenance

Air Tire/Wheel Maintenance

We often find that our customers are surprised when we talk about stroller maintenance. For busy parents it can be tough remembering to take care of their stroller, however it's good to remember that a stroller is not much different than the bicycle or car in your garage. The tire pressure needs to be checked regularly and wheels cleaned from time to time. So we wanted to point out a few things that Bumbleride owners should be aware of.

General maintenance for the long haul

-Quick inspection of your Bumbleride stroller before each use.

-Check the tire pressure, attachment points, and make sure the front wheel or quick release (previous models) is tightened and clamped and that there isn't anything the way of the brake lever.

-Remember that the front wheel(s) should be locked if you are traveling faster than a walking pace or tackling rough terrain (unless you own Speed).

-After visits to the beach, lake, snow or river, make sure to wipe off any water or sand.

-Make sure to stow your Bumbleride dry to reduce the chance of mold or mildew.

Wheel maintenance for smooth strolling

The most frequent questions related to the Indie, Indie Twin, Speed and Era maintenance have to do with the air-filled tires. These wheels are essentially small bicycle tires, much like what you would find on a child's bike.

Each tire needs to be properly inflated to 25-30 PSI before use. If the tires are not inflated properly there is a greater likelihood that an inner tube could puncture or become misaligned.

We recommend checking and inflating your tires every 1-2 weeks, if not more frequently. If your inner tube does become flat, most bike shops stock 12" or 16" inner tubes and will be able to fix your existing tube quickly and at a low cost.

If you have any other questions about stroller maintenance, please always reach out to our friendly customer care team.

Thank you for reading!


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