The Harteau's Family Story

The Harteau's Family Story - Bumbleride Adventurers


What started as a dream and developed into a 12-month plan is now life on the road.  Adam, Emily & Colette Harteau departed California in October 2012 in their VW Westfalia, with the goal of reaching Tierra del Fuego and returning a year later. 5 months in, they decided to embrace a future unknown and the rewards of slow travel. They are blisfully enjoying life on the slow road, with no end in sight.

Adam is an artist and finds inspiration in the landscapes and people he meets along the way; photography is presently his main medium, as he captures moments on the road that will be combined with collages, drawings and the like into a new body of work. Emily is a fashion designer and camp chef, currently working on a cookbook. Colette, also known as “the ambassador of love and joy,” enjoys drawing, singing and joining her parents in the crazy adventures along the way.  In June 2014, they welcomed their second daughter Sierra who was born in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Our Open Road will serve as a modern family portrait, as they shed their robes of comfort to reexamine the American Dream, they hope to inspire others to create, eat well, spend quality time together, and adventure into their own great backyards.

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10 months into the journey, Adam designed and built custom interior cabinetry including a closet for each traveler.

Adam swapped out the original fridge for a modern design TF49 TruckFridge, which runsfrom a 144 amp hour deep-cell marine  battery under the bench seat, charged by the alternator or solar panels. Emily overdyed and made new curtains;  a hand-woven rug from the Sacred Valley in Peru makes the tiny floor homey.

The van is safeguarded with steel bars that were welded over the stationary windows and diamond metal grate of the rear window. A removable steel bar system that locks over the windoshield, passenger and driver windows was fabricated and is stored in the black tube on the roof rack, as well as exterior padlocks on all doors for reduced vulnerability when in big cities or extended trips away from the van.

The box on top of the van, a $50 Craigslist score, is filled with camping gear -- a rigid frame backpack for holding Colette, sleeping pads and bags, warm weather clothes for all. 4 surfboards reside in the padded board coffin, secured with locking straps.