The Ferraro's Family Story

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The Ferraro's Family Story

Charlie and I had the surprise of our lives when we found out we were expecting quadruplets. With our daughter Molly not even yet one, we wondered how we would adapt to suddenly becoming a family of seven. We used to travel the world, excel in our careers, host endless parties with family and friends. And all of a sudden we had to wonder, “Is it all just going to end?”.


Our quadruplets were born (miraculously) at 34 weeks and spent only one month in the NICU before coming home. Although they were small (3-4 pounds each at birth), they quickly adapted to life in a big family. I am one of six kids and Charlie is one of four and we wasted no time acclimating these babes to the rich and rewarding circuit of busy family life that we were used to.


When it comes to raising our broadening brood, it turns out St. Francis of Assisi had it right when he said, “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” Every day with our family is an incredible journey, and we are so fortunate to call this experience our life.


Having quadruplets is a challenge but it has hardly slowed us down. We take these kids everywhere, logging more miles with our two Bumbleride Indie Twin strollers than we do in our monster van. I’m a working mom, a dietitian with a business focused on nourishing hungry families and Charlie works in private aviation. We live in San Diego where we love visiting our local beaches and hanging with our 11 local cousins.

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