Nora Alexander's Family Story

Bumbleride Indie in Sea Grass in field

Nora Alexander's Story

Born and raised in New England, I headed west the second after graduating college to pursue "the dream". I started a company with my best friend, met an incredible man, got married, and started a life for our selves. Noah and I love adventure and shared so many while in southern California. We called San Diego home for about ten years, it was absolutely amazing but wanted to start a family. So we sold what we had, bought a pop up camper and made our way across country until we reached Rhode Island.

Before becoming a mother in 2014, when I wasn't at work designing jewelry I enjoyed cooking, gardening, going to the beach, camping, and traveling with Noah. Now that Penny has entered our life...we still enjoy all those things. The food might be a little less spicy, and the traveling is a little closer to home but it’s that much better now that she's a part of everything.

We were given several strollers that my sister and friends had outgrown with their own children. One was great for running, another great for when Penny was an infant and yet another worked well for city/shopping excursions, but we were not totally satisfied until the Bumbleride. It fits our lifestyle and ALL adventures. It’s not too huge that we can't collapse it and throw it in the car for beach trips, but big enough were we can fit a couple bags of groceries in it to go shopping. I think the thing I like best of all is its durability and shocks. The roads in RI are not the best and we travel over many bumps, rocks and gravel on our everyday walks with no problem at all.

When I started Noon Designs, it consumed a lot of my time, but I truly loved every second of it. Once Penny was born, I now had something I wanted to consume my time even more than work. Finding balance in my life; between my work, my husband and family and finding a little time for me, has been the most difficult but most rewarding part of becoming a mother.

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