Maie Vega's Family Story

Maie Vega with Bumbleride Indie 4

Maie Vega's  Family Story

Hi I'm Maie! I currently live on the Jersey Shore in my dream home with my partner Dan, my two daughters and loves of my life, Eevi, Ema and my amazing stepson Mason. I'm a trained graphic designer and I started my own jewelry and lifestyle brand, Noon Design Shop with my best friend Nora in San Diego about 12 years ago. Our quaint shop has grown and we are now making and designing more jewels, home goods, body products and perfumes. We are now back to the east coast and have three little girls between us. I'm so fortunate to have been able to move back home, open up another shop and start fresh.

Of course it's tough finding balance being a working mama. When the youngest babe is sleeping I feel like I can conquer the world with business and then when she wakes with her big smile work stops. I'm constantly on the go between working from home, the shop or studio, to school to ballet and back again carrying my bag full of diapers and toys, invoices and receipts. My Bumbleride is like a permanent accessory everywhere I go helping to make my life easier! It's pretty common to find Ema sleeping in it at the store after taking a quick spin around the block. Its great cause it's nice and light weight, durable but not bulky (and not to mention stylish) so I fits right in among the merchandise and props either in the shop or in my car when I'm hopping around between shops. I feel like I have to give 200% everyday to get it all done but I wouldn't have it any other way!

A bit of advice would be that it truly does take a village, a village when nurturing your family or a business. I have to constantly ask for help and it's ok. I've realized over the years I just can't do it all and that's ok too. I really hope to lead by example for my children, showing them that you can truly do what you love with the ones you love. With a little drive and passion all is possible.

Side note... I'm writing this on a business road trip to Georgia for a couple of work shows. Baby Ema just had a blowout. Time for a diaper change and a nursing at the nearest truck stop!

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