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Graham Simon Bumbleride Adventurer

Graham Simon's Story

I’m from Santa Barbara and currently reside in Venice Beach, CA. I am an advertising creative director/ writer. I love all things that go. But most importantly, I’m a Daddy to a little girl named Sadie. Sadie loves cars as well. At least I’d like to think she does. In fact, I wrote a children’s book for her called ABCars. I made two copies of it, so don’t all run out to Amazon just yet. 

Little did I know that my love of cars would translate into a love of strollers. It is my favorite baby product hands down. You get to take them for test-drives. You choose the color, the finish and accessories. And then you drive them and depend on them and love them, just like your trusty automobile. 

I spend a lot of time writing ads. I love my job. But at the end of the day, I’m all about the beach, my bike, my VW van and skiing. I take a ton of photos (yes, mostly of cars) and invite you to check out my website and the database of amazing cars I’ve created. If you see a unique car, give it a #grahamcars. 

My real work can be seen at and my new “company” idea can be viewed at My other passion is road-trips. My favorite being the pre-baby adventure my wife, Joanna, and I took around America and Canada in our VW Eurovan Westfalia. We just drove and slept in the van whenever we got tired. I recently bought another VW Van (Sadie named it the “Laugh Van”), and can’t wait for its very first, very long roadtrip – Bumbleride in the back, Sadie in her Recaro car seat (highly recommended) and Jo by my side.

Okay, maybe in another year. Back to work.

Graham Simon Baby on beach