Alison Vinciguerra's Family Story

Bumbleride Indie Twin in front of large tree with Ali V., Bumbleride Adventurer 

Alison Vinciguerra's Family Story

Though I was born and raised in the cornfields of southern Indiana, my parents gave me the gift of wanderlust at an early age. While my friends were going to Disney World, we were strolling the streets of Paris – a place I can’t wait to introduce to our children one day soon. I loved my Midwestern roots, but I wanted to see more of what the world had to offer. I ultimately landed in Washington, DC, where I attended Georgetown University. I also spent an unforgettable summer studying abroad in France. My college years led me to my adventure-loving and number-crunching husband, Chris. Staying true to his New England roots, we found ourselves in Rhode Island, where we built our home and started our family. By day, I work in sales for a Fortune 100 company. After our little ones are in bed, I use my creative energies to write a blog and help other bloggers and businesses manage their presence online. When I’m not exploring new corners of the east coast with my husband and children, you will often find me running. Photography, interior design, music, and travel also have deep roots in my heart.

When you become a parent, your world finds a new center in the smiling baby (or babies!) looking back at you. I want the best for our children, so I invest my time in finding products which make our family life more functional – without sacrificing quality or style. My search for the perfect active stroller led me to the bumbleride brand and I never looked back. Our bumbleride has become a safe place from which our children can see the world. Though our life before children required a lot less ‘stuff’, we can still enjoy life’s adventures by using quality products which keep us moving well. Each phase of a child’s life is so different, which makes it easy to wish the harder parts away. Embrace the tough stuff because you (and your family) will come out even stronger in the long run. Your best days as a parent truly come when you least expect it – and try to have your normal camera (and not just your phone!) to capture those days.




Indie Twin Double Stroller - Ali V. children sleeping side by side.