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Postpartum plan

Postpartum Plan (The importance of a detailed postpartum plan) + GIVEAWAY!

by the midwives at the Tourmaline Birth & Wellness Collective


The postpartum period is a time of transformation, physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual. Establishing a postpartum plan will help you build a foundation so you can attend to five universal needs: rest, nourishing food, loving touch, companionship, and contact with nature. 




Who do you want to visit you in the first three days?



In the first two weeks?



In the first month?





What do you anticipate might be obstacles to resting?



What are ways that you can address those?



How will you create the space to nap during the day?



How will you manage visitors to ensure space for resting? 



How will you manage technology: devices, phone, computer, and social media? When will you unplug?




List three of your favorite and most nourishing meals.



List three balanced snacks that you love



Who can organize your meal train?



Include dietary needs and restrictions for your family for the meal train:





Gather your Tribe

Think about your tribe, the people who you know are there for you, and that you can trust for emotional support and help. Fill in their names and phone numbers. Most people feel honored to be on this list and letting them know they are on your list makes it easier to call on them when you are in need.


Who can you call to tell how you are really feeling about mothering and who will listen without judgement or advice?



Who could you call if you want to take a shower and need someone to hold your baby?



Who would you trust to take your baby for a walk?



Who can you talk to about the hard mothering decisions that you feel would be safe and would not judge you?



Who do you know that makes wholesome and nutritious food?



Who could you call if you want someone to sit with you and hangout, without other expectations?



Who do you know whose mothering you respect?



Who would you like weekly visits from?



Who is knowledgeable about local contacts for health care?


Your Wider Tribe of Wellness Support


  • Somatic Therapist
  • Holistic pelvic care/scar-tissue remediation specialist
  • Lactation Consultant
  • Chiropractor
  • Massage therapist
  • Acupuncturist
  • Ob-gyn
  • Midwife
  • Housekeeper
  • Postpartum doula
  • Night nurse
  • Local breastfeeding support group
  • Local playgroups
  • Mommy and me exercise groups




Now that you know your body will be well nourished and you have your on-call tribe, how will you nourish your mind and spirit? When you feel off, what helps you get back on track? Below are some ideas, make this list your own and write it out and leave it where you will see it to remind you of the little things you love.


  • Singing
  • Music
  • Movement
  • Reading inspirational words
  • Watching great films
  • Talking with a dear friend
  • Meditation
  • The beach


Make a list of audiobooks, uplifting shows and podcasts that interest you. Bookmark or download them so you are ready to listen during a long nursing session or when you need some motivation and reset.




With simple communication, you can set your relationship up for success after having a baby. There are two copies for the pregnant person and partner, fill them out separately. Compare your answers and use them to form a plan to stay connected during this time. 


Pregnant Person:


What is your love language? 



What is your partner's love language?



How does your partner deal with stress?



How do you recognize that stress in each other?



How can you help each other cope with stress when it is happening?



What can you ask each other or now that you can refer to later?



What do you commit to in your relationship once you have a baby?



Establish your plan for daily three to five minute check-ins. (When will you do these?) How will you remind each other?




What is your love language? 



What is your partner's love language?



How does your partner deal with stress?



How do you recognize that stress in each other?



How can you help each other cope with stress when it is happening?



What can you ask each other or now that you can refer to later?



What do you commit to in your relationship once you have a baby?



Establish your plan for daily three to five minute check-ins. (When will you do these?) How will you remind each other?




With a new baby, little things add up. For some it can be hard to relax when things feel like they are falling apart around you. This exercise is designed to help you decide what is essential. What absolutely has to get done? What is preferable? And what is forgettable? This will help keep things in perspective and guide you to choose what you absolutely need to hire help for, and what you can let go for a while. 


Instructions: Make a list of all the chores that normally need doing around the home; including caring for older children, laundry, trash, plant watering, animal caring and so on. Work out with your partner, which ones are essential (E), preferable (P), and forgettable (F). Then plan who is going to do what. Remember it is easy to overestimate and overextend, the main priority is resting and nourishing your body.  Outsource what you can and be willing to negotiate everything as mama’s, baby’s and partner’s needs change over the next few months.




When you are tired, overwhelmed or recovering, it can be difficult to find the right words. Here are some things to put on your front door for visitors.


Thank you for visiting us!

Please wash your hands before seeing mama,

A short visit is appreciated supporting both nurture and rest.

We appreciate a lending hand, washing dishes, checking the laundry, or making sure we’ve had a snack. Mama also might like a hot bath or long hug.


For more support and information in the time following giving birth borrow or purchase, The Fourth Trimester by La Jolla local Kimberly Ann Johnson.


Postpartum challenges of having baby number two (healing while caring for a toddler). 


Create a postpartum plan and delegate tasks for close family and friends. Rest is key in the first few weeks so priming your toddler for the normalcy of rest after giving birth. Talk to them and tell them that mommy’s have to rest when the baby comes and the baby sleeps a lot too, the baby will spend lots of time nursing and sleeping. I always like to educate my kids on how babies sleep. They have active sleep and deep sleep. Active sleep is when the baby opens its eyes, makes faces, they might look awake but they are actually still sleeping. (It is helpful to explain this to toddlers because they see a baby with their eyes open and want to talk and start touching the baby.) I also prep kids that babies are tiny and we want them to grow big and strong so they can play with big brother and sister. And babies grow by drinking mamas milk and sleeping, so it is important that we feed them and let them sleep. 

Also having a snack basket for you and your toddler that is readily available at your side at all times is handy so you don’t have to get up and make multiple trips. You can make it fun, babies, nursing, mommy gets a snack and so do you. 


I recommend having some activities on hand that you can do while sitting with your toddler, puzzles, games, reading. 


Having someone that is willing to come and help at home or take your toddler for a special day.


Thank you for reading!

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