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Noel Woolfolk's Story

I’m a creative director (think female Don Draper) who recently became a new mom and decided to walk away from agency life to start her own business. I was bitten with the travel bug at an early age having been born in Holland, growing up in Paris and being blessed with lots of opportunities to travel the world ever since. Now that we are a family of 3, we just take a little more luggage around with us. When home, our bumbleride travels around LA as Leo and I are out taking photos, concepting in coffee shops and meeting new clients. On weekends, dad joins in and we all trek to our favorite beach spots, farmers markets and restaurants.

My one piece of advice for parents would be to take as many photos and videos as you can of your little ones. As much as you try and live in the moment and soak up all the goodness, there is nothing better than being able to go back through photos and videos and relive it all again. I recently got a GoPro that I’ve hooked onto our Bumbleride and it is my new favorite baby(-ish) product since I can capture even more adventures with my boys.

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Noel Wollfolk Bumbleride Adventurer- Carrying Baby on back outdoors