Using the Multi-use Bars Correctly

 It has come to our attention that there is a possibility for multi-use bars included with Indie & Indie Twin models (I-110, I-205, IT-111 and IT-305) to be used incorrectly, resulting in a potential strangulation hazard. The multi-use bar has three positions: 1. Upright (to be used with a toddler), 2. Mid (to only be used when installing an infant car seat) and 3. Folded. Even though Bumbleride’s packaging instructions, as well as labeling on the multi-use bar, clearly explain correct and incorrect use, we are finding that some consumers are still using these multi-use bars inappropriately. Because safety is...

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The Cleveland Leader Indie Twin Review- "...given the choice between the Bumbleride Indie Twin and the Bugaboo Donkey, the Bumbleride would hands-down be my top choice."

 With two young children in tow, I always make sure that I have a double stroller in the back of my vehicle. Until I got a chance to check out the Bumbleride Indie Twin Natural Edition stroller, none of the double strollers I have used on a regular, daily basis have been of the side-by-side variety, so I was definitely looking forward to checking it out when Bumbleride said they'd be giving me the opportunity to review it. I had some reservations about the width prior to using it, but in the end, they proved to be unfounded and I...

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  BUMBLERIDE INDIE TWIN Just like the single version, it combines excellent handling with a sleek look and valuable bells and whistles like reclining seats, adjustable footrests, and swiveling front wheels for all your off-road adventures. Buy It Now! $550,,,20659655_21259268,00.html#21259255    

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Baby Gizmo reviews our 2011 Indie Twin featuring Classic, Movement and Natural Editions!

"The Bumbleride Indie Twin 2011 is the same Indie Twin we have grown to love with just a few minor changes to the actual stroller itself. All the changes are to the fabrics! 2011 is all about fabric choices for the Indie & Indie Twin. Bumbleride has introduced two new fabric collections that are available in addition to the Classic Collection. Before we explain the new collections, let's take a brief look at the Indie Twin itself and the few changes. So, what is different about the Indie Twin 2011? These are the changes: Indie Twin:  The Indie Twin rain...

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